Could online gambling be a permanent job?

Could online gambling be a permanent job?

Imagine waking up at 10 am reaching for your smartphone, playing at an online casino, and continuing to win big wins. For many online gamers live casino thailand, this scenario sounds like fantasy. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. You cannot become a professional gambler by simply playing mobile casino games. The following seven reasons explain why online gaming cannot be considered a stable job. 

Gambling as a Full-Time Job

1- advantages 

 Fortunately, stable. Mobile casinos have an edge in every game they offer. These benefits can bring long-term benefits. Of course, even if you are the best 711 Kelab Thailand online casino, you can still make money playing casino games. But the average player will lose. General advantages of various online casino games: 

Baccarat -1.06% (bank rate) 

Blackjack -0.5% to 1% 

Craps -1.36% (pass) 

Caribbean buttons -5.22% 

European roulette -2.70%

  • French Roulette -1.35% (bet money too) Applicable) 

Slots -1% to 5% Video Poker 0.4% to 1.5% You can see which games are most likely to win. z. B. Online baccarat, blackjack and crab. However, there are also long-term disadvantages. This is an example of how much you can theoretically lose in a very expensive game like baccarat. 

  • Place a bet with the dealer for a total of $ 1,000. 
  • Profit from the hand of the bank. That’s 1.06%. 
  • 1000 x 0.0106 = $ 10.60.
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No more online casino games with an RTP is higher than 2-100%. 

 In rare cases, casinos have games with an RTP above 100%. The Las Vegas video poker scene includes Deuce Wild (100.76%), a 10/7 double bonus (100.17%), and a 10/6 double bonus (100.07%). But this is not such an event. It exists in the online gaming world. No game offers more than 100% return. For example, Bovada Casino offers the Joker Poker game, which once had an RTP of 100.05%. They have since changed the paytable to lower the return on investment for this game. Of course, such a story is very rare in the world of online gambling. When developing games, developers take great care to remove reusable elements. For New Jersey players, the casino site in question has removed the Ocean Magic slot. 

Three strategies are not enough 

Some of the highest paying mobile casino games have a complex strategy. If you master the strategy, you can expect a very high RTP. Blackjack is a perfect example of this. Various online blackjack options offer up to 99.8% yield. Some mobile video poker games offer up to 99.9% RTP. Thus, you have a better chance of mastering the basic strategy of this type of game and winning. But in reality, profit in this situation cannot be guaranteed. Even with the video poker variant offering a 99.9% ROI, Rumah still has a 0.1% lead. Of course, if you’re lucky, you can make money in this situation. But the keyword here is good luck. There is no guarantee that an online casino will be profitable if it is still profitable.

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